THrougH (Over the Mountain and through the valley and back over the mountain top again…something I learned from the Women of Faith Devotionals) all circumstances I know the Lord will be glorified. Even when I don’t understand, I have to have faith the He is in control of ALL things. Not some things, or certain situations, but ALL things.

About a year ago Lucie started noticing there was a leak under her sink. Then the kitchen floor swelled about a foot from the kitchen counter. Plumbers were called out, nothing. The leak continued. This has been going on since then. She’s called several plumbers out, they went under the house, they ran water…still, nothing, until three weeks ago.

The kitchen sink gets a lot more work now that there is a family of five living here verses a family of two. I guess all the water just had to come flowing out sooner or later because over the last several weeks water was everywhere! It came out from under the baseboards, from between the walls, under the vinyl; literally every where. The plumber came out…again. The drainage pipe in the wall from the kitchen sink was completely rusted through and clogged. All the water from the kitchen sink for three meals a day since we’ve moved in was being drained in the walls, under the cabinets, in the cabinets and under the vinyl. To say the least, the vinyl flooring and sub flooring is completely molded and swollen. From where the plumber put a whole in the wall to make the pipe repairs you can see the mold everywhere. The smell is rancid. As soon as you walk in the front door the smell just over powers me. My eyes have been watering and itching, my throat scratchy and burning and hard to take deep breaths. Kayla has experienced some of the same, but not as severe. (Writing all this out, maybe that’s why Christopher is clearing his throat so much! Maybe it’s not the medication at all!?)

A company named Belfore came out. The insurance company gave us their name. The insurance adjuster came out Wednesday morning. She took pictures and wrote a lot of notes. Lucie will know something in about two weeks as far as how much the insurance company will reimburse. They’ve put in for the cabinets and flooring to be done, the flooring and baseboards in the utility room (butts up to the kitchen wall where the leak was) and that’ it. She said if once they start getting the cabinets down and there are signs of the mold all the way up the sheet rock (sp?) or worse damage, then to call her and she would come back out.

Until then…what do we do? We can’t afford to move until the repairs are made and completed. If we stay here, the headaches, and throat and eye problems continue. If we stay here we have no kitchen for 30 days which means eating out every meal, which is impossible for us financially. I “feel” overwhelmed.

Kayla asked me the other day, “Have we done something to just tick off God?” I told her God doesn’t work like that, that there’s a reson for everything. While I know that and believe that, I also have to wonder, “What is your plan in all of this Lord?”

When I don’t understand, what’s that word again…faith…..that’s a tough one right now.