Prayer Request

I would appreciate your prayers for Matt Russell. Matt is my daughter’s uncle, her father’s brother. Matt is in his 50’s. Alcohol has destroyed his life. He has battled cancer, had a heart attack and now a stroke. Most recent he began bleeding internally. Emergency surgery was done to remove his spleen. He is not able to speak nor breathe on his own. Matt is not a believer of Jesus Christ. Please be praying for Matt and his family. Matt has a daughter named Nichole. I’ve called the hospital two times. I’ve been praying a nurse will pick up the phone and put the phone to his ear. They won’t let me speak to one since I am not immediate family. Pray for a Christian nurse, doctor, or even a janitor that will pray over Matt, that will tell him that Jesus loves him and present the gospel to him before his last breath is taken.
Thank you.

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