Saturday the Lord gave me two more feathers. As Kayla, Kaitlyn and I were leaving for Sam’s yesterday morning, I looked down, and there out of the corner of my eye something was floating and spinning in the air. I looked, and it was a feather. The wind was spinning it and flipping it, yet it never touched the ground and never flew higher than it was, which was just an inch or so off the ground. I called Chris to get the camera…

In this picture it looks like it is sitting on the ground, but it’s not. It’s barely hanging on to a blade of grass. It’s hanging on it such a way that it is given freedom to move and float and turn around, but it’s still connected so it won’t get lost in the wind.

Isn’t like like God. We are given free will to make our own choices, go this way or that, and even when we make stupid decisions and don’t listen to the Holy Spirit, He doesn’t let us go. Sure, there are consequences to our decisions, but He never lets us go.

The wind kept blowing and tossing and turning the feather, but the blade of grass never let it go.

The other feather, I don’t have a picture of. My husband has been working in the yard every spare moment he has. Yesterday was no exception. In the midst of cleaning out bushes and branches, just sitting there nice and pretty was a single feather. It was perfect. For that moment, I could look down and smile and rest in knowing that when life is a whirlwind, I have a Father in Heaven looking down and smiling at me.

Now that’s comforting.