Birthday Party Pictures

These are some of the pics from Christopher’s Party. We had a great time. Chris will be posting more to his blog in the next day or two. It’s taken two hours just to post these…this is exhausting! Enjoy:)

He loves his big sister!


This card sounds like a race car racing…he really liked that.

Christopher loves to be my helper in the kitchen and insisted on decorating his own cake, so I made him his very own. He decoreated it while I iced the other one for everyone else. We have separate pictures of that, but will have to download and post those later.

Oh my goodness!

This is Uncle Craig…Chris’ brother:)

Kaitlyn loves her Uncle Craig

This is what Uncles are for! He has both kids going in the air!

Aunt Julie with Richmond. I accidently deleted a picture with Derek and Richmond. Will make sure Chris adds it to his blog. If I tried putting it back in, it would throw everything out of wack again. Sorry Derek:( Julie is married to Chris’ other brother, Derek.

Kayla with Baghera
Christopher talking to cousin Richie.

This one says it all.

The end of a great day:)

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