This is the newest addition to the Paden family. Actually, it’s Kayla’ kitten. She paid for her with her own money and bought the supplies that go along with having a cat. She is going to have to learn to set money aside for future vet bills, both planned and unplanned. Baghera was adopted from Pine Forest Animal Clinic in Pensacola. Baghera was born in the clinic and is 12 weeks old. She is doing great with the younger two kids and is even tolerant of Fancy, our American Eskimo. All Fancy wants to do is play with her. I’m surprised Baghera has been as skeptical with Fancy as she is because she was around other dogs at the clinic.

Kayla is thrilled to have her. She’s wanted a kitten for over a year, but the timing never seemed right. We’ve been looking for a while now and when Kayla saw Baghera, she just melted.

Will post pics of all three kids with the kitten soon.