Complacency =’s Mediocracy…(sp?)

This last week my focus has been on being complacent. I did some word searches on being content, being complacent and how being complacent makes ones task mediocre. It’s the first Devotional I’ve done for my book in about three months. I shared it Thursday at MEW. I’ll share more scriptures and information another day; just wanted to give you something to think about though. We are called to be content in every situation. It’s easy to become complacent. What’s the difference and how can we be content without being complacent? We are warned against being complacent in the Bible….

My husband is adding a place for you to watch the trailer of a movie that is coming out on Friday, FIREPROOF. I encourage you to watch it. The movie is playing in select theaters. There’s a passionate kiss scene in the movie. Kirk Cameron would not kiss the lady playing his spouse the way it was called for in the script, so his wife flew in, put on a wig and posed as a double in the movie! What a testimony. If the movie is playing in your area, I hope you will go see it.

Be Blessed.

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