These Are The Days Of Our Lives….

Not much going on; well, actually, lots going on…..

Homeschooling is going good. Kayla seems to like this curriculum. I’m more organized this year than last year. That’s a good thing. We still have a History class to pick up, but praying for a used set of paces to be turned in to the book store. A friend of mine found the 11th grade English, Math, and Science paces and answer keys at the used book store for nearly half of what it would have cost through the actual program! Thanks Jomarra:)

Christopher is doing great on his medications. We are still working on behavioral issues, but that is coming. He didn’t become who he is over night and it will take time to get him where he needs to be.

Kaitlyn wakes up singing and goes to bed singing. She’s funny. I think she sees the difference in Christopher too. She’s become the provoker in many situations in order to keep the chaos going. She’s become as dependant on his behavior as he is accustomed to it. It’s crazy.

Kayla had an orthodontist appointment yesterday. She needs braces. Did you know how much braces cost? Whew. That’s for another time unfortunately, at least until Kaitlyn is in school and I can go back to work. While we were there we kept hearing a kitty crying. The doctor had rescued a 4 week old kitten and had been bottle feeding it. She was absolutely adorable! Both Kayla and Kaitlyn had a turn at holding and loving on her. Kaitlyn is my animal lover. She stops for just about any animal she can and “awe’s” over it.

We are grateful Ike is not coming to Pensacola, but know the folks of Texas are in for it. Every morning I wake up checking to make sure the path hasn’t changed. I don’t think I have completely recovered over Ivan, and I didn’t even lose anything. They are definitely in our thoughts, but more important, our prayers.

Olive sent a team of five guys to Louisiana to help with the recovery program from Gustav. I’m grateful to be a part of a church that reaches out, not only to the local community, but to neighboring communities. We are truly blessed.

I have to grade papers and finish up the Bible study for The Most Excellent Way meeting tomorrow night. The Bible study is on something I’ve been dealing with…what to do when you just don’t “feel” like it…. There’s a newer song out by Casting Crowns. I don’t know the name of it, but it’s about drifting away. I’ll check with Kayla and see what the name is, but man it’s good.

More later, until then, be blessed!

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