Sex on T.V.

Kayla was on a date last night with Justin, the kids were in bed early (yeah!), Chris and I wanted to watch some television before turning in for the night. Every channel I turned to, literally every one of them, someone was making out or getting ready to! I couldn’t believe it! Every channel, literally. I was so aggravated and disgusted. We ended up watching COPS. Woohoo… I just don’t get it. At times, I wish I had the privilege of growing up when making out was left for the husband and wife in the privacy of their own homes. Since when did having a glimpse of every one else’s sex life become the norm? It’s getting old.

I have only three boxes left to unpack. It feels good to be getting settled in. What once was a house filled with memories of my husband’s life is now starting memories of my own kid’s life. Sometimes I find myself thinking, “If these walls could talk, the stories and memories that could be passed on for generations.” It’s kind of neat. At first I was worried that our house would always be “Memaw’s” house, but it’s strangely becoming our home, as if it was always meant to be. I think I’ve slept better being here than I have in the last few months put together. The drive “home” seems to have fit since day one too. It’s just been neat.

I’ve got to get ready for Sunday School and Church. Hope you find your place in yours.

Be Blessed.

One thought on “Sex on T.V.

  1. Sarah and I don’t have cable. I decided it wasn’t worth the money back in 1998. Haven’t had it since. With tv shows coming so fast to DVD now, there’s plenty to watch and no commercials. Just a thought.


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