Sarah Palin

Well, I first would like to say, wow. I wasn’t sure how I felt about a woman being named as the Vice President running mate, especially one with five children of her own, one of which is a special needs and then also having the joy of having a grand baby coming…to say the least, she has her hands full. Not that a woman can’t do the job of Vice President, but I was concerned for her family that they would take second seat. I can’t sit here and tell you I’m still not concerned, but what I can tell you is I like her! She appeared to not be nervous at all, she spoke with confidence, but not arrogance and she confronted not only the Democratic Party, but the news media as well….all I can say is, I’m impressed. I have to also admit that I have not been a big fan of John McCain. I’ve really struggled with both parties running this year. I am; however, much more confident in the McCain campaign and am pleased with whom he has chosen as a running mate.

We are almost unpacked. My husband has been working in the yard every moment he can. I don’t talk about Chris on my blog a lot because he is much more of a private person than I am. I do try to be respectful of that and not air his business as I do mine. However, I would like to take a moment and just brag a little. In the last few days Chris has moved five Bridal tree things (whatever they are called), three of those Myrtle tree things, five Hawthorne something bushes, and I’m sure other stuff that I’ve forgotten. The driveway was lined with those trees/bushes. We have a dirt driveway at our new house. When it rains, it makes great big mud puddles. My kids love mud puddles. I like for them to be able to play in the mud and get dirty. What I don’t like is that I couldn’t see them for all the trees/bushes, hence, the moving of the trees/bushes, oh yeah, Chris has also cut back and removed Azalea bushes. I know Azalea bushes are the big thing in Florida, but I hate Azalea bushes. I can deal with the white or soft pink, but good grief…not at every corner and every yard. Anyway, Chris has worked very, very hard the last several days and weeks in getting things in order here. Monday, Labor Day he spent his day off hanging pictures and curtains and doing the “honey do” list for me and worked in the yard. He’s not complained once. I appreciate all he has done to make my job easier as wife and mom. (I love you and thank you Chris.)

Now, I have boxes to finish up unpacking.

Be blessed.

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