Gustav, Hanna and Ike…Oh My!

It is definitely peak hurricane season. Gustav made its impact. We had lots of wind, some good rain falls and lots of humidity. Hanna is suppose to skirt the east coast. Kayla is watching it closely as her dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins live in Beaufort, SC (45 minutes north of Savannah, GA) and right at the GA/SC border. Beaufort is basically below sea level. The only reason I know that is because my dad was stationed at Parris Island when Hugo made land fall. Ike looks like it is going to make it to the Gulf, and oh yeah, now there is Josephine. I’d sure like to know who comes up with these names….nonetheless, we are definitely keeping a watchful eye on the tropics and trying to keep enough water and canned items on hand just in case.

On Monday we had the television on WEAR3 watching weather reports and keeping updated on Gustav. During one of the breaks from warnings, the Ellen show came on. Will Smith was a guest. The only reason I know that is because he caught my attention when he said he believed in a higher power, that he and his wife went to Israel to walk in the steps of Jesus. I about freaked; Will Smith mentioning Jesus on the Ellen show! I just thought it was pretty cool that Jesus was mentioned from a celebrity on a daytime T.V. program and it wasn’t being mentioned in vein.

Kayla and I accomplished a lot today. Lots of boxes unpacked and cleaned out the utility room. Felt good to get that done. Our computer crashed and all her home school work is on that computer. I don’t know how I’m going to pull this all together, but have to get her started on something and quickly. We didn’t withdraw her from public school until the middle of October last year, so we have time to finish this years work, we were just hoping to have her started on the county’s school schedule for this year.

Christopher is doing great on his meds. He has three or four perfect days a week now. It’s been amazing. Our insurance company won’t pay for his medications though. They say the medication is only approved on children five years of age and up, not a three nearly four year old. Very frustrating. We are having to choose medication over his visits to the pediatric psychologist. Again, very frustrating.

Kaitlyn is definitely, well, she’s just Kaitlyn. She’s a doll and knows it. She can bring a smile to just about any one’s face just by peaking around the corner.

This weeks schedule seems off with yesterday being a holiday. I almost forgot I have to work tomorrow…that would be bad.

Will post more later…until then, be blessed.

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