Pullin’ Weeds

Several people have asked me about my book. My hopes were to have my book published by October 1; and at this time I don’t know that I am going to make that deadline. We have had just so much thrown at us…

I would appreciate your prayers about the publishing of my book. I will keep you updated when I get close.

We are under a Tropical Storm Warning from Gustav. It’s been mostly cloudy today, some wind and drizzles here and there. Chris got the generator running today to make sure it was ready, just in case. Nothing else going on, just unpacking boxes and finding places for stuff.

Be Blessed.

2 thoughts on “Pullin’ Weeds

  1. Hi Sharon,We actually started laying out the pages ourselves (Chris mainly) and are going to take it to a printer. Trying to save as much money as we can. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading:)

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