We Are Back On-Line!

WE HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED OUR MOVE!!! Hallelujah, Amen and Praise the Lord! I never would have dreamed I could be this pooped! We just found out this morning our email account was disconnected by Cox in error. We didn’t know this until this morning because they also disconnected our Internet service in error. I wish they’d disconnect the part of my service that sends me a bill every month! To say the least, every email that has been sent to me during the last four days was returned.

I was dreading our move Saturday with the anticipating rain and wind from Tropical Storm Fay. Turned out to be nothing at all. Had planned on taking pictures, but couldn’t find the little thing that goes in the camera to take the pictures…it’s packed in a box…go figure:)

My husband and I were blessed beyond measure this past week. My mother-in-law said it best, and I don’t have my Bible in front of me to give you the scripture, but she said there is a verse in James, she thinks, that tells us we must be doers of the Word and not just hearers. She then went on to say that Linda King who spent 11 hours over here painting, then came back the next day to fix a door and crack in the wall, and then she and her husband came by Saturday to bring lunch to the work crew that helped us moved…they were doers of the Word! Not only them, but Saturday we had four guys and a girl show up to help load a UHAUL truck. I don’t know all their names, but one was Joe M (something), he is the Basketball Coach at Tate High school, and the girl was Ashley Mock. It would have taken us beyond all day to do what the five of them did in a matter of hours. They too, were “doers of the Word.” We were blessed.

We have boxes galore to unpack. Went to the old house today to try cleaning up and take down fans, clean up the yard and did I mention clean the house? I didn’t realize was a slob I was until we moved and I didn’t realize how many walls my kids had colored on and I didn’t realize all the dust that collects under and around furniture and did I mention dog hair? OH MY GOODNESS! It was and still is an absolute mess and I mean, a mess! I’ll go back tomorrow to finish up and Chris will cut the grass. We should then be completely out.

Christopher is now riding the bus to school and back home. The bus ride is much shorter this year than last year, which is a good thing. Last year he was on the bus for an hour plus, this year, maybe thirty minutes.

Christopher seems to be doing really well with his medications. Saturday was a tough day with the move and he was very confused.

Kaitlyn does not like having her own room! She’s always been with her big brother and misses him. It’s cute though. Sometimes he lets her in, and other times not. The good thing is they have a play room now where they can come together and play and when things get heated, they can go to their separate corners, so to speak.

Kayla has her room looking good. She wants polka dots on the wall…I think polka dots and stripes would look good but she says not.

Can’t wait to get things back to “normal.”

Be blessed!

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