Hodge Podge…

I can’t believe it, I got more “straight through” sleep last night than I have in many, many weeks. I don’t remember going to bed, only that I didn’t see Kayla last night. I can only assume I fell asleep on the couch and Chris sent me to bed when he got home from getting Kayla from work? Nonetheless I slept until a little after three this morning, giving me six hours of sleep! I can’t believe how rested I feel! Instead of lying in bed tossing and turning, got up, ate some cereal and now doing the coffee thing. Started getting my boxes in order as today is my last packing day and my house is a wreck. I’ve neglected my home trying to get our “new” home ready for us. I wish there were more of me!

We are watching Fay. I keep praying she will slow down, giving us a chance to get moved without rain. My gut is telling me to suck it up and move today, ready or not, just so we aren’t stuck in it tomorrow. Even if it’s just going to be a rain maker, which is what it looks like, who wants to move a house full of furniture in the pouring down rain?! Nobody with any sense if you ask me.

For the last week I’ve been going round and round with our insurance company, Walgreen’s and our doctor’s office. I had to pay for Christopher’s medication two weeks ago because our insurance has to have pre-authorization. In the meantime, the doctor prescribed an extended release for Christopher. It’s been one week, still don’t have it. In fact, as of yesterday, no one knew what I was talking about and still claim to have not received a fax from the doctor’s office or Walgreen’s! This week we’ve had to teach Christopher how to swallow a pill in order to take the extended release tablet. In the process, there have been several spit out and thrown away. I cringe at that because each pill cost a dollar, and that was the generic. We are down to three pills and have to have yet another prescription filled. In order to keep him on the medication, I will have to either pay $113 for the extended release or get the generic of the non-extended release which is $15. My pocket book sure knows which one I can do, buy my heart knows which one my son needs. It’s been very frustrating dealing with this on top of everything else. I understand insurance companies have to have policies, but you would think they would have someone working for them with a brain to know when someone is desperately trying to help their child. There is nothing more frustrating for a mother to know there’s help out there, but can’t get it because it’s not affordable.

Well, my coffee is now lukewarm…time for a hot fresh cup and back to packing. Looking back over the last few weeks, I’ve kind of been lukewarm in my walk with the Lord. I’ll be glad when I can get through this “hunkering down” mode!

Unhooking computer today. Will send pictures out of the move in the rain after the computer is back up, which by the way, we are still on Kayla’s computer. I’ve lost all my email addresses..so Tammy, Carol, Roger…send me your email address at my cox email address so I can get in touch with you guys after the move.

God Bless.

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  1. i tried to send you an email but it came back to me—i guess you have your cox disconnected while you move–will try again—in a few days after you get moved in—-Tammy

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