As Good As It’s Gonna Get

Well, I’ve been at Lucie’s every day for I don’t know how many days now; actually it’s not Lucie’s anymore, it’s our new place. I did not succeed with the plan I had made; however, if not for a sister-in-law giving of her time and a friend from Sunday School, I wouldn’t have gotten as much done as I did. Last night after finishing cleaning, I stayed and painted. Got two coats on Kayla’s walls and the green was still shining through. This morning got the third coat on. Linda started on the trim. I was able to paint and trim on the hallway that I had done last night and completed Christopher’s room. The master bedroom is not painted at all. Huge disappointment. Julie painted the trim for me in the living room and the doors. I also got some of the kitchen trim done and pantry door. Still much painting to do, but I just can’t get it done. I still have to finish packing.

Kayla has to work tonight and on my way home from getting Christopher from school I had a flat tire.

My mom will be here tomorrow to take some boxes. Chris is going to empty the shed tomorrow and move the stuff over as we are expecting rain Saturday afternoon from Fay. I hope we are able to get everything loaded and unloaded from the UHAUL by 1:30 Saturday which is when the rain is supposed to reach Pensacola.

I am plum exhausted. Christopher is doing good by the way. We did find out he is having reactions to milk products. He’s had milk at school two days this week and both days (one of which is today) he has screamed and wined and thrown fits. No more milk for him. Fortunately he likes Chocolate Almond Milk:)

Probably won’t be able to post for a couple of days. We have to have our computer at the new house for hook up tomorrow afternoon.

Very grateful today for the help I had.

God Bless.

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