We have finished moving all Lucie’s stuff out! Got all but one double window cleaned, floors cleaned, walls and baseboards cleaned, utility room emptied and cleaned (thanks honey) and the spare storage room emptied and cleaned (thanks again honey!). All that is left for cleaning is the kitchen and bathroom and we hope to start prepping for painting tomorrow in order to finish painting on Thursday! Whew! Seems like it is all coming together, but boy will I be glad when this week is over!

Kayla has her room all set up in her head and is ready to paint, Kaitlyn’s room is last on the list to be painted as it’s a “girlie teal” already, Christopher’s is getting painted, mine and Chris’ room is getting painted and the hallway….whew, I’m pooped already!

Keeping a watchful eye on Fay. Hoping it turns far enough north that we aren’t in rain all weekend trying to move.

Christopher had another good day today at school; still don’t have the extended release…

Be Blessed.

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