Forgot…Great First Day of School

I forgot to mention how well Christopher did yesterday with his first day of school! He had his first dose of medication at 6:45 a.m. as we were walking out the door for school. I had to take him his second dose at 9:45 because I didn’t know we had to have a doctor’s release for the school to give him the medication…nonetheless, I expected him to want to leave when I got there to give him his meds…

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Christopher participated! He used great manners, he shared, he played…I am so proud of him! Every day the teacher sends home a report of what they ate, if they slept, basically they tell us everything about what our kids do for the day (which is a good thing, could you imagine how many conversations she would have every day with all the adults questioning about their kids?!) Anyway, he just had a great day and that thrilled me. Last year through the entire year he had maybe four or five “perfect” marks, and to start the school year off with perfect marks… we are thrilled!

After school I took him to Memaw’s house (the one we are moving in to) because he hasn’t seen it empty and he wanted to see Memaw’s new house. He had a ball! He got on his tricycle and pedaled down the street (we are on a quiet cul-de-sac) to Memaw’s and played and played.

I am so thankful for a great first day. It definitely sets the tone for him wanting to go back and it just shows the Lord hears our prayers!

Thanks to everyone that has been praying for my little man, and for us! For several weeks I have had to just “hunker down” in my faith. I’ve had to temporarily set aside my service in ministry because my family is my first ministry. The last week in particular I could see the whirl wind all around, and satan was definitely attacking our family on the home front, but somehow, miraculously, and with no sleep for the last three weeks, I was OK. The pain in my heart didn’t surface, the anger in my heart didn’t surface (well, maybe once); but I can honestly say I knew the Lord was working overtime in my heart. It was amazing!

Hopefully Christopher’s time release medication will be available this afternoon so I won’t have to take him medication again tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for the family; pray for all our teachers out there. They have one of the toughest jobs there is.


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  1. PTL!!! PTL!! I have been praying for a great day! If the time released doesn’t work–getting the DR note is no big hassle at all…Let’s pray for many many more days like the first!Tammy

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