Today was Christopher’s first day of school. My little man is one handsome fella! My mom bought him some new school clothes (thanks Mom!) to help us out. We stopped for a butter biscuit for Christopher at Hardee’s on our way to school.
We are still moving Memaw into her house. We made huge progress today! Both Chris and I were dressed for moving….I sure didn’t realize how dirty I was! I’m glad my son is still too young to be embarrassed by his “mom.”
We have two storage rooms to clean out tomorrow and start cleaning tomorrow as well. We are tired, but it will all be worth it.

Daddy and Christopher at Hardee’s.

Mommy and Christopher at Hardee’s.

That’s a big biscuit!

Daddy and Christopher at School.

Mommy and Christopher.

I love you mommy.

He’s so big.

I can never get these pictures to lay out right and since I am still on my daughter’s computer since ours is shot, and her patience is running thin, so please excuse the layout.