Comfort Zones

Just a quick note, still packing and “going through stuff.” A friend of mine called me yesterday and said, “I’m down the street from your house, I have lunch, how long before you are home?” I thought I would die. My house is a mess. While I do pretty good letting people in and sharing about my life, letting people into my home is a huge struggle for me. I used to keep an immaculate house, then after getting married and having two more babies, somewhere I just lost control and I can’t keep up. I guess I just don’t measure up to my own expectations.

My friend was a huge help to me. We went through and packed most of the kids activities; packed all Kayla’s home school supplies and schoolwork, took down curtains AND she took 40 minutes to read to the kids. While everything she did was great, her taking the kids to read to them was huge for me!

We’ll be at Memaw’s this afternoon helping her pack some of her stuff. There’s a lot going on with two families packing and moving. I’m high strung and sure I am stressing everyone out. I’ll be glad when all this is over with!

Christopher is going to be getting his first dose of medication today. Please continue to pray for him and us. Will keep you posted regarding this.


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