ADHD and Ritalin

Christopher met with the child psychologist today. He interacted with Christopher for close to an hour. He looked at me and said, “Is he always like this? He hasn’t stopped since he got in here.” My comment to him was, “Oh this is great behavior today! I was afraid you were going to say nothing is wrong with him because he is being so good!” Christopher has officially been diagnosed with ADHD. He does not have OCD. The reason for him wanting blue towels or blue sheets is simply his preference. He is opinionated and knows what he wants. The problem he has is impulsive and hyperactive and a short attention span. His little brain has no control over emotions or reactions…in other words, he has no conception of consequences.

The doctor has prescribed Ritalin. He and I discussed this in depth. I shared with him my concerns. He listened and did not sweep them under the rug. He is starting him on the lowest dose; however gave me signs to look for if he were to have a reaction. He said we might have to cut the pill in half to give him less of a dose. I’ve been praying about this all day and felt the Lord’s guidance on starting him on a half dose instead of a whole. Miraculously when Chris got home, he asked me the same thing! Confirmation for me for the dosage part.

I’ve researched this medication. I have friends that have had children on this medication. Some have experienced positive results, other negative. I honestly don’t know what to do for him. Do I give him this medication that could make him better but with side affects, or maybe he will have no side affects; or do I give him this medication that could make his anxiety and anger worse? Oh my heart hurts.

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  1. Stacey-This is Tammy—Donna from MEW’s sister—I have lived the life you are living with Christopher—Trust God-He won’t fail you–my son took ritalin until he was 12 or so–a miracle medication for made my little boy normal–He was 4 when he began meds—email me and I will give you my number— tammy961 at

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