I guess all the emotions, fears and appointments that I have been trying to deal with over Christopher just finally maxed me out. The kids have been fighting and screaming all morning long. They were both horrible at the doctor’s office this morning after Christopher’s hearing tests…horrible. The ride home was a night mare and then when we got home Christopher starting bullying his sister. Trying to stay calm and maintain sanity along with digesting all the information given to me today about Christopher’s speech and hearing was just more than I could handle. I had a melt down. It was a good one too.

While we received great news about Christopher’s hearing (he passed both ears but will need to be rechecked in six months because he wasn’t 100% in all areas) we received some not so good news on his speech.

He was not evaluated on his speech this morning, but the person doing his hearing screenings says he is “waaaay behind” on his speech. I explained to her that he has speech therapy at school; but that it hasn’t been consistent because they don’t have enough teachers and that he hasn’t been getting it over the summer. Her words to me were, “speech therapy at school does very little if no good because they are usually in groups of four or five.” She nailed it. Christopher’s group size was like seven. He met none of the goals that were set for him last year in school. Christopher’s speech is being re-evaluated…waiting on a script from the doc to make the appointment. Until then, the therapist wants Christopher to have speech therapy at least two times a week, but prefers three times a week, one on one. The co-pay for each visit is $20. Our insurance company will not pay for speech therapy across the board. It’s done on a case by case basis.

To say the least I have had a very emotional morning. I am blessed to have a Pastor’s wife that I can talk to. She helped me to evaluate, kind of got me focused. I’ve contacted a friend of mine at church. We are going to schedule a time to have some of the lady prayer warriors put their arms around my son and pray over him.

Something that just came to my mind; a sweet lady from Pine Summit gave me a scripture last night for me to share with Christopher. It is Psalm 56:3. I think the Lord might have intended it for me to bring it to mind for this very moment…it says, “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.” Thank you Lord for knowing what I needed before I even knew.

The kids have finished their lunch and Caillou (their favorite show on WSRE) is nearly over. We are going outside to play in the “muud” as Christopher calls it. My kids love to get muddy…what they really like is when mommy gets muddy with them!

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