Really don’t have much to share right now; still focusing on Eddie, praying for his family. While life is crazy now, the one thing I do know is I can rest in the Lord. I don’t have to put on a face for Him, don’t have to say, “Life is fine.” He already knows, He just wants to hear it from me. I’m grateful for His grace this morning and that His love for me is more than I can comprehend.

My oldest daughter and I went to the viewing last night for Eddie. It seemed like a Most Excellent Way reunion. Eddie would have been humbled to know so many came to pay their respects and show their love.

For those visiting this blog looking for Eddie’s testimony, scroll down a little.

Also, a friend of mine has started an “Eddie Echarri Memoirs” blog. The link is under “My links.” Please share and pass the link to that blog so we can hear from others whose lives have been touched by Eddie.