I just had the most precious conversation with my three year old son, Christopher. He is very afraid of the dark. It hasn’t always been this way, so I don’t know what has brought this on at this time of his life. It might be going along with every thing else going on in his little life right now, but regardless, we are dealing with it. We have a low voltage lamp on in their room. We leave the hallway light on for him until he falls asleep. We have night lights on throughout the house because he wakes up throughout the night regularly. We read a book each night, do our prayers and then sing a “Doodle” song that my mom taught them when they were baby babies. It’s cute…. both Kaitlyn and Christopher love to be sung “the Doodle song” before they go to bed. Tonight was no different, except Christopher wanted me to sing the “Jesus” song (Jesus Loves Me) first. He then tried telling me about Jesus having holes in him from people and that the cross was on the roof (It wasn’t until a few minutes ago I realized that he is talking about the cross on top of our church…) He then told me he wants Jesus there with him because he is scared. I explained to him that Jesus is in Heaven, but that He is here with us, that His Spirit is here in us. He then said, “but I can’t talk if He’s in my mouth!” I had to laugh, but assured him that Jesus loved him and that Jesus is here with us. Christopher then said, “But He doesn’t know where we are.” Well then I got to tell him that the Bible says that Jesus knows the number of hairs on your head and on my head AND that Jesus has named all the stars in the sky! So if Jesus knows how many hairs are on your head, then He knows where you are Christopher. Oh he had the most precious and indescribable smile on his face….I think he realized just how important he is to Jesus! I am just blown away…..out of the mouth of babes. I was blessed tonight with being able to share Jesus with my son, whom with no fault of his own..exhausts me. It really is worth all the sweat, all the tears, all the praying, all the counting to 10, all the deep breaths, the sleepless nights….it’s worth it all.