Best Intentions

Today I learned the best intentions aren’t always best. I don’t know if that makes since to anyone or not, but it applies to me.

Eddie Echarri is still hanging on. For four days Eddie has been in Hospice Care. For three of those four days they’ve been saying he could go any minute. Eddie is a stubborn goat but man I love and miss him already! It seems the last few days have been an extreme roller coaster ride of emotions, but….a sweet, sweet lady named Ms. Marjorie told me something the other day that has stuck with me and that I’ve been able to pass on. I hope, in whatever case it may be, that it will comfort you as it has me. She said, “No one knows the last life that Eddie is suppose to touch. No nurses know, nobody. Until that last life is touched, the Lord won’t call him home. Eddie’s job on earth will end when he has touched that last life.” Whoa…is that deep or what?! Isn’t that comforting?! Eddie will not leave this earth until he has done what he came on earth to do! Hallelujah! I can rest that in death, He is still in control. Amen.

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