Post 2 for Thursday…Moving…Again?!

Every few years for the last ten years we have moved. No kidding. We’ve moved five times in ten years. Each time, the good Lord moved us up though. Mine and Kayla’s first apartment was a 640 square foot one bedroom apartment. We then moved to a two bedroom duplex, three years later we moved to a two bedroom house, three years after that we moved into a three bedroom house, and then we moved just over a year ago to a really nice three bedroom house, and now, it seems we are being moved up again, to a four bedroom house!

Chris’ mother has decided it’s time for her to downsize. She is moving into a house two doors down from where she is now that a gentleman from our church has purchased. We’ve been praying for a bigger house so that Christopher (3) and Kaitlyn (2) could have their own rooms. At the same time though, we have been faced with a change in our expenses with Christopher needing to see some specialists, they’ve told me he will more than likely need medications, I have started on new meds and Chris has had more meds prescribed just this week because of his diabetes…so we have been “feeling the crunch” in not just the price of gas and food increasing, but on that aspect as well. In fact, we even discussed if we should find a large two bedroom house just to save money per month. I guess that was me not walking in faith. A friend of mine said, “God won’t move you backwards like that. Stop regretting past decisions and quit questioning what the Lord has already blessed you with!” (Thanks Jomarra!:)

I say all that to say we will be moving in Lucie’s house at the end of August. The house is an older house, but has many memories for my husband. Chris is very excited about this; he lights up and is “giddy” every time we talk about it or tells someone about it. Another good thing about this move is just not the size, but the house is less than two miles from our Church! No more six days a week driving almost an hour for one round trip two times a day! (Chris works at the church and we attend Sunday School and Worship there.) That will save us in gas tremendously! Not only is the size a benefit and the location a benefit, but we are paying her $50 less a month than we are paying now! Amazing how the Lord worked all this out.

Please keep us all in your prayers. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all that is on my plate right now. It seems my book will be on hold so I can pack and move and then unpack. By the time we get moved, school will be starting back up (my oldest is home schooled) and we have to figure out what we are going to do with Christopher’s schooling. Just a lot going on. Please also pray for my landlord’s. They are such awesome people. I am praying the Lord will bring someone in so quickly they won’t miss a months rent.


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