No Coffee + No Computer = Withdrawals

I was up early this morning. I haven’t been sleeping real good for the last several months. At one time I was up at 5 a.m. daily to spend time in the Word and with the Lord. I’ve missed those times recently because of not sleeping at night; but this morning, my two year old woke me up at 5 a.m. I got her back to sleep and got on up to fix my coffee and start my day off right…with the Lord. After several minutes I kept wondering why I wasn’t hearing my coffee maker; then I thought, “hhmm, I’m not smelling my coffee…” You guessed it, coffee pot apparently got wet on the inside. The numbers were spinning like crazy. I was not happy. My wonderful husband got up a few minutes later. Knowing that with my son’s evaluation today that I didn’t need a caffeine/coffee headache, he went up the McD’s to get me a coffee. Wasn’t that nice of him?!

I was starting to feel much better until my husband went to turn on the computer….it wouldn’t stay on, kept shutting down. I had a panic attack. Literally. My first thoughts were, “I never backed up the work on my book!” To say the least, I was in a state of having to constantly give my worry to the Lord. If I lost it, there was nothing I could do about it, and if it was still there after my husband worked on it, then I’d back it up. Chris took the computer to work today, cleaned out the dust…lots of dust…plugged it in, and it worked! Hallelujah! I bet you can imagine the relief!

Today was just a weird day. Broken coffee pot, weird stuff with the computer, and then Christopher’s evaluation being changed to Wednesday…it was just a frustrating, disappointing day. In the end, I had to tell myself, “I am not in charge.” Things happen for a reason…sometimes life just happens. In an ever-changing world, isn’t it comforting to know that the one thing that will always stand and stay the same is our God?! He is never changing, always constant. With days like today, I cling to it.

I work on Wednesday’s. Christopher’s evaluation is scheduled from 10 till 12 so my day is going to be jam packed. I won’t be able to update on Christopher until after 8 p.m. or maybe early Thursday.

Thanks for your many prayers.

I just had a thought….you know what I love; I love the freedom I have in being real. Does that make since? I sure don’t mean that arrogantly, but I don’t have to hide behind a mask or pretend when life is challenging. I still cling to my faith and know and rest in who is in charge. It’s freeing.

Be Blessed.


One thought on “No Coffee + No Computer = Withdrawals

  1. Hey Stacey; you are right! It is pure freedom to be able to be yourself! It just makes sense! I didn't realize I was special until He saved me. Talk about unconditional love!! Thank the Lord for the good news about Christopher! He is such a handsome young man & is blessed to have good parents and precious sisters!


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