Had a wonderful day of driving and visiting with Gail yesterday. Will have pictures up by tomorrow.
Last night was my meeting night for The Most Excellent Way (MEW). I ususally lead on the 2nd Thursday’s of each month, but swapped because of some health issues I’ve been dealing with. I lead last nights meeting. I don’t know if it was for anyone other than me.
The topic was on “Faith.” Faith is an action word you know. In Matthew 5:8 Jesus told the lame man to pick up his bed pad and walk. If the man hadn’t of ever gotten up and taken that first step, He would have never known Jesus had healed him…Faith is action. Jesus also told him to pick up his mat. The lame man (lame for 38 years!) had been there for quite a while waiting by the pool…I can imagine he had a lot of mess around him….Jesus told him to pick it up! When we accept Christ in our hearts, while it changes our future, it does not change our past. We still have consequences from our sins and it takes time to clean that mess up. Cleaning up that mess doesn’t happen overnight; which brings me to the next action…waiting. I know that sounds weird, waiting is an action…I hope that makes sense, but that’s what the Lord has shown me…we are in a waiting mode w/ my health and issues with my son.
When we are waiting, more often than not it is a time of persevering. Persevering leads to patience…a Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22 & 23). The Bible tells us in Isaiah 40:31 if we wait on the Lord, we will mount like wings of eagles, that we will run and not grow weary…. Waiting, while it’s tough to wait, strengthens us. In Lamentations 3:25 the Bible says, “The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him.”
So, that’s what our meeting was on last night. Spoke to me, that’s for sure.
Christopher’s first doctor appointment to recheck his ears is today. We find out if his tubes are still in and from there, couldn’t tell ya.
Will keep you posted.
Psalm 143

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