Christian Women Connection

This is from a friend of mine, Sandy. In the 25 years she has been attending these meetings, she has not missed a Wednesday. Lunch is $13.50. The following information will tell you when and where. I know you will be blessed with a good time if you attend. If you need child care you will have to make reservations. You can contact me to get more information.

Hello, Right here is Pensacola we have a Women’s Connection Luncheon that has been happening every month for 40 yrs. It’s an awesome time of fellowship. We have anywhere from 45-75 ladies, depending on the Special Feature that we have that month. I am sending you the Invitation for August, which is our GREEN THEME Luncheon!

It’s an early notice which gives you time to invite a friend. Print this email or attachment and give a copy to a friend. Forward this email to another friend or friends. For mothers with Preschoolers we have free childcare. We have several door prizes every month, and the lady that brings the most 1st time guests gets a “FREE LUNCHEON” the next month. The food at New World is great and their servers are so friendly. If you love to sing, I’d love to get your name because our ladies love to have a vocalist every month. We have a great time and I’d love for you to join us. The week before the luncheon we have a Prayer Connection in a home. It just happens to be my home next month. I am known for making and serving “Cat Head” biscuits with home-made preserves. We share a devotional and prayer requests for our missionaries and personal prayer requests. It’s a delightful time and it would be lovely to have you come.

Put it on your calendar and bring a friend.

Have a great weekend!

Sandy Wells
Vice Chair
Pensacola Women’s Connection

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