My Friend Gail….

I’ll be traveling today to Marianna to pick up my friend Gail. I would appreciate your prayers for travel today. It’s a quick trip, there and back. Gail is one of the most courageous women I know. Gail is legally blind, but you wouldn’t know that just by talking with her.
When she first came to Pensacola she knew nothing about the area. She had an apartment and job lined up, got over here and taught herself the bus system. She visited a church or two and then found her way to Olive. The buses don’t run on Sunday’s so she knew if that was indeed the church the Lord wanted her to be at, then He would have to provide the transportation for her to get there. He did that faithfully.
Gail was influential in me coming to Olive. I started going to Olive because of The Most Excellent Way ministry. She was watching the kids that belonged to another ministry and watched my Kayla so I could go to the meetings. Every Tuesday she was in her place so I could be in my place. A relationship began between us, then a friendship, and now she’s family. My kids call her “Aunt Gail.” Gail encouraged me by card, phone and in person. She invited me to church, she sat with me, she was my Barnabas. For those reading this and don’t know who Barnabas was, you can read about him in Acts 4: 36. The name Barnabas is translated “Son of Encouragerment.” Gail was my encouragement. I jokingly tell people she was my nagger…she wouldn’t let me say no, which for me was a good thing!!
A few years ago Gail retired from her job because her vision was getting worse. She lives on disability, retirement and social security. Many of you know that isn’t much, but she knows the Lord provides. I tell you all this to say, Gail felt the call of God in her life over a year ago to go be a part of a new church being started outside Cleveland, OH (Church of the Hills..COTH
She packed up her stuff, and was gone. She got maps, found grocery stores and restaurants and taught herself the bus system! Don’t forget she is legally blind folks! She is an amazing woman. She walks in the Lord’s strength daily, trusting Him financially, physically for her sight and physically for her protection. I admire her deeply. My life and the life of my kids has been blessed to have her a part of it.
So, I am thrilled she will be home to Pensacola, even if it is for a day or two! Please remember Gail in your prayers as you pray for missionaries.
I hope and pray you have a Barnabas in your life. If you don’t, pray for one.
I’d also like to encourage you to be a Barnabas to someone today!
Blessings be upon you this day.
Psalm 139: 1 – 18

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  1. Gail is truly a special person. This just goes to show you, if you have Jesus Christ in your life, there are no barriers. Have a safe journey. Love you.

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