I love Psalms 91:4. It’s the 2nd visual learning of the Bible the Lord gave me. I went on a prayer walk in January of 2000. The beach was empty, as expected for that time of year. I was searching so hard for the Lord to speak to me that I was missing Him. I had no food or drinks with me, yet the seagulls were hovering. They wouldn’t leave me alone! They even followed me to my car and hovered over the car. My only thoughts were they were being a nuisance. That evening I was still bothered about the birds and started doing a word search in my Bible. The scripture Psalm 91:4 came up, “He will cover you with His feathers; you will take refuge under His wings. His faithfulness will be a protective shield.” I couldn’t believe it! There have been hundreds of instances where I needed the assurance of the Father’s hand in my life, and as graceful as His hand, a feather comes floating by. The most recent touch was just yesterday. I was walking. I had completed my second lap and was on my third; and there it was. The wind had caught a feather and it was like a mini tornado circling right in front of me! I am so thankful for that feather. He knows what I need when I need it and He is faithful, even when I am faithless.