My oldest daughter, Kayla left for youth camp this morning. She had to be there at 5 a.m…..but we won’t go there. I am so proud of the young lady Kayla has become. Kayla was recently gone for over three weeks for summer vacation. Two weeks for visiting her dad’s family and then another week on a “mini” vacation with some friends and their families. Before she left to see her dad, she bought him a Bible. She gave it to him for Father’s Day while she was there. Many people had been praying for Kayla and her dad about this as he wants nothing to do with God. He accepted the Bible graciously! Kayla has more courage to stand up for what she believes in than I ever did at her age, or even as an adult at times. I was a horrible mother to Kayla growing up. She was never my priority; I was more interested in partying. I have struggled with motherhood until the last three years. I am by no means perfect, but am a much better mom today than I ever have been. I struggled for years, until recently in fact, with treating Kayla like she was me…but I finally realized she’s not me! Do you know how freeing that is?! I wouldn’t be half the mom I am today if it weren’t for her and the help she gives me. I love her very much and am oh so proud of her. She has shown me much forgiveness in her life, for that I am grateful. Luke 7:36 – 50 gives us an example of much forgiveness and much love. In verse 47 the Bible says, “Therefore I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven; that’s why she loved much.” Do you know where He’s saved you from? If we’ve accepted God’s grace, we should be thankful from where He has pulled us and saved us from. A part of being grateful is testifying to what He’s done.

Be blessed this day in Him.

Psalm 145